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The Evolver Learning Lab presents online courses and webinars connecting the most brilliant and pioneering thinkers of our time to you via the Internet. Life-changing ideas acquire a deeper resonance when encountered through a live presentation from an inspiring teacher.

An Interview with Nina Simons: Co-Founder - Bioneers

Highlights from thought leaders and experts on our transformative planetary culture.

Highlights from Reality Sandwich

Seed Libraries Fight for the Right to Share

by Christopher D. Cook

Sharing seeds may sound innocuous enough, yet this increasingly popular exchange—and wider seed access—is under attack by agriculture officials interpreting seed laws and powerful corporations expanding their proprietary and market control.

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Portable Distillation Unit Cleans Sea Water on a Sunny Day

by Faye Sakellaridis

The London-based company Desolenator has put forth an innovative solution to clean drinking water with a product that purifies dirty water through the process of distillation.

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