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The Evolver Learning Intensives are online webinars connecting the most brilliant and pioneering thinkers of our time to you via the Internet. Life-changing ideas acquire a deeper resonance when encountered through a live presentation from an inspiring teacher.

Varanasi, India "Beyond" Documentary

Topics on the transformations underway in our culture is deepening. The consciousness community is growing into a movement.

Highlights from Reality Sandwich

The New Moon in Leo: It's Time to Burn!

by Cole Lopez

The New Moon in Leo (this Saturday, the 26th) is the time to unleash your creativity. Breath fire into the embers of your freedom and let your creative forces burn with Solar Flare Vinegar, an herbal concoction of ginger root and tumeric root.

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British Supermarket Powered by Food Waste

by Faye Sakellaridis

Food waste has a significantly negative impact on the environment through its emission of the greenhouse gas methane. A British supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, responds to this problem by powering one of their stores with food waste.

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