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The Evolver Learning Intensives are online webinars connecting the most brilliant and pioneering thinkers of our time to you via the Internet. Life-changing ideas acquire a deeper resonance when encountered through a live presentation from an inspiring teacher.

David Chalmers: How Do You Explain Consciousness?

Highlights from thought leaders and experts in sustainability and our planetary culture.

Highlights from Reality Sandwich

The People’s Climate March – An Invitation To Change Everything

by Sarah Levine

On Sunday, September 21st, the world’s largest climate gathering is happening in New York City. The time is ripe for a global environmental and social justice movement to grow out of this march, as people wake up to the grim realities of human induced climate change and recognize the need for a radical restructuring of…. well, everything.

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What it's Like to be Voluntarily Homeless

by Faye Sakellaridis

Gutter punks, crusties, travelers -- call them what you will, this group of people defies any standard categorization. Pacific Standard talks to one traveler about living life off the grid, and the strong community that develops amongst nomadic spirits.

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