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The Evolver Learning Intensives are online webinars connecting the most brilliant and pioneering thinkers of our time to you via the Internet. Life-changing ideas acquire a deeper resonance when encountered through a live presentation from an inspiring teacher.

Grant Morrison Disinformation lecture on magick and the Universe.

Highlights from thought leaders and experts in sustainability and our planetary culture.

Highlights from Reality Sandwich

Canyon de Manhattan

by Glenn Aparicio Parry, PhD

We speak of geologic time as if it is an anomaly, as if human constructed time were more normal, more real. The opposite is true. The rhythms of the earth are real time, or the real timing with which we should concern ourselves with.

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Economic Growth to Remedy Economic Injustice -- Really?

by Carol Hibbert-Swegle

Are there ecological limits to economic activity? Associate Professor and author, Eric Zencey believes our planet is finite and can't support the belief of many economists who see our planet as infinite with the ability to sustain ongoing economic growth.

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