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Two Worlds in Collision: Extraterrestrials, the Secret Government, and You


In a time of intensifying military power and invasive surveillance, many believe that a great secret remains concealed from us: The secret of human contact with other intelligences present on the Earth, now and in the distant past. If this is the case, then who is keeping this secret hidden? What kinds of intelligences operate behind the scenes, and what does this imply for the future of humanity and our planet?

Any thinking person can see that humanity stands at the edge of two worlds in collision: one marked by secrecy and domination, the other by openness and cooperation. Over the past century or more, but accelerating dramatically over the past 30 years, we have witnessed the expansion of what can only be called a nascent global police state, the "New World Order" of the elite globalists. We live in a world with ever-greater centralization, regimentation, and control that gives the few power over the many. A world in which information about each of us is now available to centralized databases and police agencies who monitor us against dangerous ideas and activities. A world governed by a financial system that makes it impossible to sustain either human society or a healthy environment for much longer.

It is also a world that increasing numbers of people from all walks of life - scientists, soldiers, and business people - believe hides a very great mystery: That other intelligences exist, here on planet Earth, interacting with humanity in very important, yet inscrutable, ways. According to researchers into this area, this matter has been enveloped in the deepest layers of secrecy of the ever-expanding global police state, consigned to "black ops" programs and intelligence operations. Yet it is not hidden completely.

Could this secret mark the edge of a transition that divides the old world from the new? From the other side, can we envision the contours of a world that looks very different from what we know today? This, too, may have been in the making for centuries. If the secret is revealed, would we enter a world in which humanity has found the strength and resilience to remake itself? In this world, where the dark shadows of the past have been finally exposed to the light, citizenship and freedom might take on new and fresh meanings. We might enter a world in which the human spirit feels expanded, vibrant with awesome new possibilities. And finally, in this transformed world, humanity might  learn to live in harmony with other life forms - as well as those levels of intelligence sharing our galactic adventure with us.

Before we can bring about meaningful change, we must understand what confronts us. What is the true structure of power in this world? Not the trite and clichéd verities we receive in the mainstream education and media systems, but the real deal?

Who are these intelligences that, according to so many firsthand accounts, interact with humanity? What can we learn about them? Are they figments of the collective imagination, or helpers and guides for us? Are they indifferent to humanity? Are they even hostile to us? Are we possibly dealing with a multiplicity of entities and motives?

How can humanity get to the point where we can evolve into a new planetary culture that is sustainable, trust-based, and compassionate? What prevents us from using our technical genius to make a positive transformation? Is it possible that this evolution can only happen once the veil of secrecy over UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, nonhuman intelligence, and all related matters, is removed?

If this were to happen, then what next? What are the most likely outcomes for humanity and the rest of life on earth if this great secret is revealed? Can we conceive of a true liberation of human consciousness? Or will society spiral into chaos and even dissolution? Clearly, there are many variables that will affect the outcome, variables which we may not be able to know with certainty for some time. Even so, we can still have a productive inquiry on the matter.

Join Richard Dolen for four sessions and explore the secret world that is occurring all around us. The course can be purchased in its entirety and as individual sessions. 

Session 1 - Guest Linda Moulton Howe and Richard will discuss: 
  • Who, and what, are behind the engmatic animal mutilations, and why they are covered-up by the worlds' governments
  • The implications of human and animal experimentation, and what it means for humanity's evolution 
Session 2 - Guest Jim Marrs and Richard will discuss: 
  • The hidden groups that are controlling, and preventing, disclosure of the UFO/Alien phenomenon, and why?
  • How the CIA utilized remote viewing, and the motives behind their agenda
Session 3 - Guest Daniel Pinchbeck and Richard will discuss: 
  • Are the UFO and alien phenomenon an outward experience, or an internal perception?
  • Are psychedelics like: DMT, LSD, and mushrooms, tools of communication with other non-human intelligences? 
  • What is the role of aliens and the Other? Are they to help humanity evolve, or are they a hindrance?
Session 4 - Guest Stephen Bassett and Richard will discuss: 
  • The current status of disclosure in the US and around the world
  • Why governments fear disclosure, and of what?
Archived from May 2012

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