serving up content, learning, and commerce for the transformative cultural community.
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About Us

Evolver is a platform for content, learning, and commerce serving a global community of conscious consumers seeking optimal states of well being in mind, body, and spirit. We serve as a trust-agent for individuals and groups seeking to connect in this transformative culture, one of wisdom, beauty, and fun.

Core Values:

  • love of nature and deep caring about its preservation, and its natural balance
  • strong awareness of the planet-wide issues of sustainability and a desire to see more action on them
  • belief that change is the constant
  • thinking global acting local
  • investing time as volunteers with one or more good social causes
  • wellness of mind, body, and spirit are high priority pursuits
  • optimistic about the future
  • concern and support of the wellbeing of all women and children
  • love and respect for the animal kingdom
  • design science, innovation in technology and artisanship are desirable is published by Evolver Holdings, Corp.