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Altered Consciousness Collection (3 DVD Box Set)


The Altered Consciousness Collection is an amazing historical review of the enlightenment seekers who influenced a generation. The collection features incredible footage of counter culture icons including William Burroughs, Iggy Pop, Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, and Ram Dass. Perfect for a movie marathon, or screened as individual films, this box set of award-winning documentaries explores the frontiers of human consciousness and the iconic pioneers who opened the doors of perception. From early LSD research and hypnotic "dream machines" to the transformational powers of Eastern spirituality, 

 This is the first in a series of collaborative projects, in partnership with AliveMind Cinema,


The box set includes:


In 1960, poet, artist, and beatnik Brion Gysin invented the Dream Machine, a hypnotic light device that induced hallucinations. The Dream Machine enthralled mystics and freethinkers everywhere, with William Burroughs claiming that it could "...storm the citadels of enlightenment." FLicKeR is a riveting documentary that explores the life of Brion Gysin and his quest to transform human consciousness.

Not rated, 75 minutes

Hofmann's Potion

Timothy Leary rallied a generation to "tune in, turn on, drop out," but it was Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann's discovery of the LSD elixer and his experiments on himself, that first revealed the power of this potion for medical research and mental exploration. Featuring interviews with many LSD pioneers, Hofmann's Potion is an invitation to look at LSD- and our world- with a more open, enlightened mind.

Not rated, 56 minutes

Hippie Masala

In the 1960s and 1970s thousands of hippies journeyed East in the search for enlightenment, free drugs, or a "pure" life. Some stayed for good. Hippie Masala shows aging flower children who, after fleeing Western Civilization, found a new way of being in India.

Not rated, 93 minutes